Friday, September 23, 2011

 I want to thank the fellow Club 47 artists who have allowed me to feature them the past couple of weeks, and I plan to continue to feature a new artist each week. With the new blogger templates, there are so many new features and wonderful options. I am also loving the new blogger interface, though I did NOT at took me an entire day of playing.

I have created a new page titled Artists Corner....just for my fellow featured artists. I have also created the page "In the Studio"...inspired by the Front Range studio Tours this past weekend. I had planned to feature the studios of Colorado artists on the website...but I decided to take the idea a step further, and ALSO feature studios of artists from all over the world here on my blog, as well as studio tips and gadgets that any of you would like to share. Please visit the new pages and send me your thoughts and your studio photos.I will also do my best to begin posting again  to the 
Daily Musings page at least 3 days a I am writing for my CLUB 47 friends on my main post!!
Take a moment to click  through my Tabs at the top, as I have changed most of those pages....Bella and Baxter even have their own page!!

Read what Colorado Artist Saundra Land Galloway has to say today on the Artists Corner page!!

Club 47 Friends...

No painting to post today....thought to get up and photograph before leaving for my blog workshop..but it did not leaving town for my Son's first college Hockey game...we thought the game was at 7:30..but it is at 5:15 and we probably have a 1 1/2 hour drive there on a Friday afternoon...

9:45 Coffee

12:30 Water and a piece of pumpkin bread while teaching a blog workshop at Starbucks..yikes...
it is now 2:46 p.m. so I am off to a BAD start today regarding eating!!!

We are off to Boulder now!!!

More tonight...

3:15  I bought 2 pieces of cheddar cheeses at the gas station and ate them in the car, on the drive with water...was starving!!

9:00 p.m. Stopped for dinner on the way home...I had stuffed mushrooms and one VERY TINY
piece of pizza and water...not home until after again..NO exercise!!

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