Artists' Corner

November 2,2015

I am so excited to share this week, the work of Nijole Rasmusssen.
Nijole was born and raised in Lithuania, but moved to Denver, Colorado in 1992.

She is a wonderful expressionist, her work is alive with color and movement. I am happy to say that I own the beautiful painting below "Surprise" and I hope to own another someday soon.

Read her bio HERE

View Nijole's website

September 24"x24" Available

Fleeting In Summer 24"x24" Available

Sun Has Her Pond  36"x36" Available

Reeds in the Morning  36"x24"  Available

Red Roses   24"x20" Available

One Memory Stands Out 24"x36" Available

Purple Roses 24"x20" Available

Neptun's Sea  24"x36" Available

Jeu De Mots 24"x36"  Available

Mermaid's Dream 36"x24" Available

Golden Sunset 24"x36" Available

Mere Motion 36"x36" Available

Windjammer 36"x24" Available

Surprise 36x24 Sold 

"Chalcedony" 36x24-Available HERE

"Windjammer" 36x24 Available HERE

Jeu De Mots 24x36 Available HERE

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