Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reflections # 107, 12x12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape,Seascape Paintings by Colorado Artist Kimberly Conrad

 Original abstract landscape,seascape painting on 12x12x7/8 premiere gallery wrapped canvas...the paint flow continues around the sides for a beautiful finish..ready to hang.This is NOT a CLUB 47 painting. It was a color test piece done for a 4ft painting I am doing.  I will post my Club 47 piece later today....still painting:)
To purchase, contact Kimberly at kkconrad2@aol.com Visit my website:KimberlyConradFineArt.com
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See Illinois artist Gloria Zucaro's work on my Artists Corner page. 

Club 47 Friends...

I have officially gained one pound back...so I am only down 15 lbs .....quite discouraging..no more messing around...no more excuses...gotta get moving again in the right direction.

Started my day with 2 scrambled eggs and a 1/2 liter of water ..yeah for me....
Have not eaten in the a.m. in awhile unless it was a Starbucks no-no in the car!!

11:43....just now having my coffee..cannot drink coffee with eggs..YUCK!!! 

3:00 p.m. 2 cookies at my desk...still at my desk.....yes I know.... 

6:45 Dinner out...Mexican with friends...I had strip steak and 2 small corn tortillas, 5 chips and fresh salsa...one margarita...a big glass of water

8:45---20 minute walk with dogs....no..not counting that as my workout..

9:30 -16 0z of decaf unsweet iced tea....going to work out now..

did NOT get to paint yet...maybe for a few after working out....

11:07 p.m  Just did 24 minutes on the Lifecycle and bicep curls...had another glass of unsweet decaf iced tea....just opened an email and was reminded I must be in the city a 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to change out art...I think I may not get to paint tonight afterall..

Gotta throw the toy to those dogs..read the Bella and Baxter page....we are in a "dogs up all night" crisis!!


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Art Epicurean said...

Yes, I certainly see "reflections" . Great work! I too am an artist and I too trying to lose a few pounds. Here's to Artista Sistas'