Monday, September 26, 2011

Life In Circles-KB, 11x14,$47.00 Painting # 80 of the CLUB 47 Challenge, Original Abstract Expressionism Painting by Kimberly Conrad

Original 11x14 "poured" abstract expressionism painting on 240 lb watercolor paper.This is my "deal of the week" painting as it is quite a bit larger than most of the Club 47 pieces. It is part of the Club 47 Challenge, $4.70 will be donated to the Carol and David Marine HERE to read more!!

This painting is part of a group of small color test pieces for a 4 foot painting I am doing for a friend's birthday.She is trying to decide whether she wants an abstracted landscape or a nonrepresentational abstract, and we are mixing different shades...trying to discover the perfect palette for her home.

See fellow artist Carol McIntyre's beautiful Colorado studio on my "In the Studio" page.


CLUB 47 Friends... 10:23 a.m. Have been at my coffee yet..going to take a quick walk first...

Did NOT get that stuck at my desk until time to shower for a Dr appt...

Nothing to eat or drink until 2:30.p.m. when I had a 20 oz bottle of water and a snickers in my car....

3:30 California rolls ( sushi) and 20 oz iced tea

7:00 p.m. a bowl of my homemade vegie beef soup  (made a NEW pot yesterday)

9:45 p.m. 2 cookies at my desk..bad..bad ..bad..

12:37 a.m. that is now...still at my desk...turning in now..will drink another glass of water first!!!

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