Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sky in Motion Reflected II, 8x10 $47.00 ,Painting # 56 of the Club 47 Challenge, Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting by Colorado Abstract Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original "poured" painting on 140 b watercolor paper. This painting will fit a standard 8x19 frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger size.It is painting # 56 of the Club 47 Challenge..$4.70 will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.
I have changed paint brands, and spent the day yesterday playing with the new paints trying to mix some of my standard favorites...this cheery little landscape is a product of that.


Club 47 Friends....
Another day out the door quickly.....I did get 1/2 cup of coffee this morning...but no food until 2:30 p.m. at which time I had a petite vanilla scone from Starbucks with my iced coffee

3:30 p.m....1 cup of chicken salad...water

6:00 p.m. leftover salmon and 1/2 z cheese..water

I did get in a 45 min power walk...then a glass of Crystal Light

I have GOT to get back on track tomorrow with my 60-80oz of fluids daily ...and eating at least 4 times a day...

It is 11:30 p.m...I'm gonna have my yogurt and oat bran that I missed this morning and go to bed:)

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