Monday, July 4, 2011

SOLD Already..Thanks JUDY!!!!Pink Art For the Cure, Abstracted Tulips IV, 12x12 ,$47.00,Painting #13 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE, Original abstracted Tulip Floral Paintings, by Colorado Abstract Artist Kimberly Conrad

This 12x12 Art for the Cure Painting was done in acrylic on 246 lb acrylic paper.I said I would post one larger piece each week on the CLUB 47 challenge, so this is the larger piece for week 2.$4.70 will be donated to Breast Cancer research.You can visit my Pink Art for the Cure site, to see more PINK ART.
Visit my website to see larger paintings.
I spent a year, a few years ago painting almost nothing but tulips...and did some pieces like this in oil (which take forever to dry)..and some pieces in watercolor....this is an acrylic version, and I played with colors today,mixing everything so that nothing was straight from the tube...except, of course, the black outlining, which was originally done in purple, but it was completely lost once I filled the flowers and leaves in and added the palette knife work, so I had to then go over the purple in black and re work some things.It was a fun piece to do..I wanted to be outside, and my "poured" paintings are done inside over the concrete floor.

4:21 p.m. For the club 47 followers.....I had coffee st 10:30.....a bowl of light soup at 2:30 and have had two 45 calorie popsicles...and 2 glasses of iced tea....NOT's too hot to eat....but ice cream sure sounds good!!!!!!Hmmmmm...I will have to think a little more about that!!! Will wait until about 8:30 to walk when it cools off a bit...gonna go paint some more!!

10:53 p.m. DID not WALK!!!!!! Painted until 7:00, then Hubby & I decided to grill steaks...then friends came over at 9:00 for games.....I has 3 ounces of steak, with mushrooms and a medium sized salad with lettuce , avocado, grape tomatoes, and poppyseed dressing....for dinner. Not bad...and still a lot of steak left for tomorrow!!!

Had a 4 oz skinny margarita and a piece of a pudding/fruit tart pie looking thing...VERY yummy but 350 calories...YIKES!!!!!

Considering it was technically a HOLIDAY..I'd say I did pretty well in total calories, carbs.....BUT...have put myself in the position of needing 60 min of cardio Tuesday and Wednesday ...Yikes again....hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!!!!
Did not quite finish tomorrow's Club 47 painting will have to finish it in the morning and then post .....

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