Sunday, July 3, 2011

SOLD...Thanks Pamela!!..Abstracted Reflections, 6x6 Gallery Wrapped Canvas, $47.00 Painting # 12 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE,Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Sunset Skyscape Paintings, Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original abstracted landscape painting on 6x6x7/8 gallery wrapped canvas. The pattern continues around the sides for a beautiful finish, ready to hang.
This is painting #12 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE.$4.70 will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.....You may also visit Pink Art For The Cure site to purchase pink art, where 25%to 100% of the proceeds are donated.

Visit my website to see large paintings.

12:12 p.m. For the CLUB 47 my 8:30 p.m. post last night we were heading to a friends home...we had a wonderful evening playing "Mexican Train"..of all things... its such a great game, because you can be very social, as it does not require much concentration...I had one of those petite desserts (from starbucks)
190 calories.....should have had NONE, but at least I only had ONE!!!!
Did not do a second cardio workout, as we got home at 11:30!!!.

I have to jeans were much looser yesterday...the wonderful thing about cutting the extra refined carbs, is that you begin losing inches right away!!
A few more inches and I will have to go down a pant size..yeah!! Actually, I could go down now,,,but I don't like tight I will wait until the smaller ones actually fit!!

Going out for my first walk now..then plan to PAINT a LOT today!!!!

11:23 p.m. Did NOT walk at was 98 degrees...OMG...way too hot...I walked
this evening for 35 route with the big was a great workout.
I picked up a new heart rate monitor today...and boy...did I get quite a revelation....I had no idea that my target heart rate for working out (65-85% of max heart rate) was soooo different now that I am 46!!! Of course I KNOW...but I have truly not thought about that....every time I begin a program..I shoot for a heart rate of 160-180 like the "old Days" My friend/trainer made the comment that I may be working above 85%, (therefore in an anaerobic state as opposed to an aerobic state)....and that may be part of the reason I cannot lose. ( my resting heart rate is usually between 52 and 56..and still is according to my monitor..I have always had a low resting heart rate and very low blood pressure....The truth my current range to shoot for is 104-147, with 104 being the low...meaning I want to be at least there....and for fat burning....I really don't want to exceed 147. I have been working well above 147. So......I will be slowing it down...I worked with my new monitor tonight...and I was at 147 briskly walking the I really should not be running it!!!I am gong to be very diligent about wearing the monitor and staying within the limits and hope that it makes a big difference!!!
I did NOT eat enough today....i just was not was soooo hot..I had a piece of lunch meat with 1/2 oz of cheese and 8 triscuits for lunch at 2:00. I basically made myself eat...thenI had a 45 calorie 4:30 I had a small vanilla cone from McDonalds..That was wonderful on this horribly hot 9:30 I had a big salad with butter leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes and avocado with poppy seed dressing .I did have 3 big glasses of my weak unsweet iced tea today and an iced coffee.
So...not quite enough food again..I really need to work on that tomorrow....I will do my situps before bed....THANKS for the wonderful supportive emails..keep them coming and know that I am praying for all of you that have written, that you will reach your goals as well!!!!

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