Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Threads of Yellow-Reflected, 5x7, $47.00, Painting #8 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE,Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Sunset Skyscape Paintings, Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original painting on 5x7 heavy watercolor paper.This painting is shipped with a mat(see upper right hand column) which may be used in an 8x10 frame, or the mat may be discarded, and you can frame in a standard 5x7 frame.Mats vary in color, dependent on the painting.This is painting #8 of the Club 47 challenge, and $4.70 will be donated to the Breast Cancer community. See my Art for the Cure blog to learn more. Visit my Website to see Large paintings.


3:09 p.m I was in bed by 11:00 p.m. last night...yeah for me!!!!! Getting more normal....did NOT end up doing cardio last night...truthfully....just felt cruddy...if you read my blog yesterday..I was fairly down in the dumps ( as my Mother would say)...and it just carried into my night.

First a big Thank You to Patty who bought yesterday's CLUB 47 painting!!!!

I started the day off with coffee on the run..had to be down town early this morning to trade art out at Stella's on S. Pearl street..if you live in Denver area and have not been must is a very COOL Place...and the walls are FULL OF ART!!!

Went from there to a farewell extended family lunch for my niece and son who are both leaving for their new lives on Friday....I had a lean burger wrapped in lettuce no bun.....totally on my program....and small salad.....had some SWEET POTATO FRIES...AS WELL, totally NOT on my program....had a big glass of iced way behind on fluids today.

Have been at my desk since lunch....heading to the patio to paint now....the painting I started yesterday I am NOT happy will decide whether to FIX it, or start a new one!!!! I did get the iced tea made and will take a big glass out with me...more later......

9:24 p.m.OMG..I have to STOP eating out!!!!! Went to dinner with my dear friend Trudy..we try to meet twice a month...had a SALAD which was fine..had a margarita...NOT on the program...good news is..she and I are jogging at 10:00...boy trying undo the damage is sooo not fun.....

11:07.p.m.Oh man..... we did NOT go jogging....I have not been good today in eating, drinking water or exercising. Today is the end of week 1. Tomorrow is the beginning of a week 2!!! I will have a summary of the week on my post tomorrow with week #2's goals!!!

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