Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SOLD!!!! Thank You Patty!! Field of Color #7, 5x7, $47.00, Painting #7 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE, Original contemporary Abstract floral landscape Paintings by Colorado Abstract Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Painting #7 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE...Original "poured" painting on 5"x7" textured canvas board. This painting will fit a standard 5x7 frame, it does not need glass.I apologize, I have a new camera, and it is giving me FITS with the focus on the 5x7's, I think I need to take a class!!!! Anyway, it is a lovely little painting and $4.70 will go to breast cancer research.


7:03 a.m-- I was asleep by 12:30 a.m....Yeah for me!!!! Out the door now to Starbucks ( we have no 1/2 & 1/2 in the house). I CANNOT drink coffee with 1 percent
milk!!!! Thank you to all of those who sent wonderful emails yesterday, and know that I am praying for you ...that you have success in your challenge.
I am shooting for 60 minutes of cardio today (In whatever combination of minutes!!)
I am also going to paint a little still life or plein air in addition to my Club 47 piece... more later....HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!

8:45 a.m.Son # 1 made me eggs.....so I started my day with 2 scrambled eggs!!!

2:07 p.m. Just finished teaching a 3 hour clinic.....a few of my favorite teenaged girls (weekly students when they were younger)..we were outside...and baby it is hot here!!!!!.( forgot to write earlier...I had an Atkins protein shake during my clinic, an 45 calorie popsicle)....then Miss Molly and I had to go get McDonalds Ice Cream cone..I guess that's lunch...no..I will eat a piece of lunch meat...need the protein....we have a going away dinner for Son # 1, Mike tonight...he got his dream jog with a fabulous company in San Francisco, and will be leaving us on Friday morning....I'm so excited for him....so sad for me..... going out to paint on the patio!!!

4:51.p.m.Getting ready to go work out....I had 5 pieces of 3"round salami, and two 45 calorie popsicles since my last post...it is so hot....I need to make my sugar free flavored iced tea so I won't eat popsicles......argh!!!! I am feeling a little down today, and frankly.,,pretty ticked.

Okay..I have promised to share even the bad....so... This morning, I had to run to Hobby Lobby as soon as they opened to get bigger palette knifes for my clinic...I was rushing to get back before my students arrived...as soon as I closed my car door....this woman knocked on my window...and
said she and her family had been on the road for two days and her credit card was rejected at the gas station,(she pointed to an old white car) and could I please spare a few $$$ for gas. So....because I was in a hurry I opened my wallet...all I had was two 1's and a twenty...so., of course, I gave her the twenty....at which time she said "bless you" and ran back to a SHINY NICE LITTLE SILVER CAR ...which quickly sped away. Well I am the girl that almost always gives to the guys with the signs...(I only don't if I have no $$$ in my wallet or if I can't get to them before the light turns.....I know many are crooks...but I figure, I have to answer to GOD regarding helping someone who appears to be in need...and THEY are accountable to the same GOD if they are ripping me off...so..that being said....I usually feel okay with giving even if I am suspicious...but for some reason I was sooooooo angry today....truthfully, I really needed that $20.00 it truly was a sacrifice to give it away.....$$$ is very tight right now for us ( and the rest of the world I know)...
I cried and ranted and raved in my car all the way home!!!!! I came in the house still crying and ranting...and my son just called me crazy...which made me cry more....ANYWAY, THAT'S my sob story for the day...I know I'm blessed, I know I am God's child and he loves me and sees everything...I know it's such a "nothing thing" in the scheme of things...but I am still ticked and sad...hours later..... in fact, I am crying now....okay..I'm done..more later...oh...and my painting today stunk...

8:04.p.m.Did not work our yet..the guys came home ready for dinner. I had 1/2 a lean beef hamburger patty with cheese, mushrooms, and a small helping of broccoli cheese casserole...and big glass of iced tea....will paint for a bit now..then work out...more later...

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