Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections of Blue, $47.00 , Painting # 4 of the CLUB 47 Challenge, Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Paintings, Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original 5x7 painting on heavy watercolor paper.This painting is shipped with a mat to fit an 8x10 framed. You may also discard the mat..and frame in a standard 5x7 frame. This painting is #4 of the CLUB 47 Challenge,.....$4.70 will be donated to the Breast Cancer community. Visit my Art for the Cure Site
Visit my website to see larger paintings


I had many emails yesterday with lots of questions..and I answered them all on my post last night....see the post below this one!!!!

I will be gone all day today ...have a little show about 1 1/2 hours away...have packed a little chest with celery,cheese,turkey,nuts and big hat sunglasses and sunscreen...will be sitting a lot so will certainly need that hour of cardio tonight.

6:47 p.m. Back form the show a couple of hours was a i was afraid it might be, but I wanted to go anyway...knowing i would get to spend the day with my friends and fellow daily painters Susan Fowler, Miriam Brock and Pam was great to be out with GIRLS!! I live in a MAN WORLD!!!!:)

I had a protein shake and bottle of water on the road early this morning ___yeah for me!!!!!

Had celery, cheese, a fresh tomato and red pepper dip for lunch out of the ice chest (forgot the turkey) was great but I was STARVED when I got home and had a small piece of last nights salmon, another tomato and some celery about 5:00 p.m.

I also had an 8 oz and a 20 oz bottle of water at the show and a 20 oz bottle on the way home!!!!
Yeah for me!!!!

THEN..... after the salmon..I had half of a Wendys kid size chocolate ice cream thingy..what is it called???? I think it might even be frozen more carbs allowed today ...that was it. A Frosty...That's what it's called....but only half of the kid size..needed comfort food!!!!


I am at Starbucks writing this...when I got home my internet was came here to write and answer mail...gotta run...the puppies were home alone for a long time today
( the men were golfing)...will post more later when HUBBY gets home and gets the internet back up!!!!

Oh....yes...the situps..I did NOT do them last night..I was super sore from Thursday nights situps....but will do them tonight....more later:)

And....Thanks for ALL of the WONDERFUL emails today!!!!!
I will get the new pledges posted tomorrow!!!

11:29 p.m. Well....just as i was getting ready to work 8:25...our dear friends whom we don't get to see nearly enough ( though they live 5 minutes away)called and invited us over for a cocktail..
( in 35 minutes) wonderful and ADULT!!!!! So we went.....but I ran up..jumped on the lifecycle for 15 hard fast warm up..just fast super sweaty ( I figured that was better than NO workout at all)then a 2 minute shower and fresh clothes.. I had Skinny Girl Margaritas , chips and a small that I had a few more carbs...but still not a great many calories for the day...and it was SOOOO worth it....they have a gorgeous resort feeling patio/back yard..the breeze was was just what Don & I both needed...Thanks Deb and Mike...we so love you both!!

Soooooo....tomorrow it is 60 minutes of cardio AT LEAST!!!!!

I am heading to bed, but WILL DO MY SITUPS FIRST.....I AM REALLY DOING THEM CAROL...did you do yours????!!!:):)

More tomorrow!!

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