Friday, June 24, 2011

Incoming III,5"x7", Club 47 Painting #3, $47.00, Original Contemporary Abstract Seascape Landscape Paintings by Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original painting on 5"x7" heavy watercolor paper.This painting is shipped with a mat which may be used in an 8x10 frame, or the mat may be discarded, and you can frame in a standard 5x7 frame.Mats vary in color, dependent on the painting.This is painting #3 of the Club 47 challenge, and $4.70 will be donated to the Breast Cancer community. Visit my BLOG to learn about the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE...and see who has joined us .See my Art for the Cure blog to learn more. Visit my Website to see Large paintings.


So..yesterday I added to my post throughout the day and can read through the day in the post below this one. I will do the same check back tonight too see how it all went!!!

11:40 a.m. I have been at my desk reading all of your wonderful emails....and all have such great ideas..I will adopt one of Kay's, to drink 5 bottles of water a day....I am HORRIBLE about drinking...but I am having coffee right now...yesterday I didn't even get coffee until the middle of the afternoon.

If you followed my posts throughout the day yesterday ( read the post below) ..I was going to have an early night...(bed at 12:45) and was fighting the urge to eat a little granola cereal....well, as I went to lock the door..I realised Matt was still out..he had a 1:30 curfew, I stayed up and YEP...ate a LITTLE granola cereal...then ate a LITTLE more when he came in as I sat and he told me about his evening....I am trying to really watch the bad body HATES them...granola is soooo high in was not so great...and though I did not get 3 sessions of 20 minutes of exercise in yesterday...I did get a session of 35 and a session of 25..and, of course, my still a total of 60 minutes....teaching a one hour class today here in my studio, and waiting for frames to be I will only shoot for 2 sessions of 30 or one of 60 today..stay tuned.....

2:46 p.m.- Had a fiber bar at least I'm earlier than yesterday...but not by much....( still have had nothing to drink but a cup of coffee....(not good) ...leaving now to hit the grocery store and have a quick coffee with a friend....I try to do that once or twice a week....working from home can be ultra lonely...and Dr's tests show I have NO vitamin D in my system....that's because I am always at my desk or in a dark studio...another reason to try to walk during the day instead of always at night....will eat a cheese stick and drink a bottle of water in my car on the way to the store...will write more later..:)

5:35 p.m.-Dinner is cooking...Salmon....but I am am eating last nights leftover Tilapia while tonight's dinner is cooking. I have decided to put a bottle of water and a little cup of almonds on my desk at night as I go up to bed...then it will be here when I sit down in the if I make it to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee and a bite...great...that will be a huge stride if not... at least there is something on my desk. I have had a hot coffee, and iced coffee (unsweet of course) and one bottle of water today...again...not very good...but yesterday I didn't even have water until 8:30 at ....improvement was made.
More later......

8:51 p.m.
- I have been working on preparations since dinner for this little show I'm in tomorrow in Co Springs....gonna break now for a walk-run session...

9:47 p.m. Did 35 minutes of run-walk---actually only walked for 5 of the 35...a little better than last night.

I have had many emails asking how I plan to lose the weight...some encouraging...others skeptical..and I truly appreciate them all. I do have a plan...I worked in the fitness industry for years and though I would never say I know it all (and isn't IT always changing??).. i do know a lot, and I know what works for my body...well I know what worked for my body pre-hysterectomy...I'm sure it will need some tweeking now!!! Regarding food...the initial plan is to eat 3 to 6 small meals a day. ( That will be a of my very bad habits is to get busy and go all day without eating). My body feels and functions best with a diet of primarily lean meats and vegetables with nuts and
very small amounts of whole grains. I used to exercise hours a day..and my goal right now is to limit myself to 30-60 minutes of good hard cardio a day, with strength training 3 times a week.

When you have 47 lbs to lose, there are bound to be plateaus. You have to plan accordingly. I need to have room to add more exercise in as my body adjusts and plateaus...and I cannot ever do 4 hours a day like I did in my twenties...I do not even want would like to alternate 30 one day, 60 the next for the first couple of weeks....and see how the weight loss goes, then I will change it up.

I will alternate between jogging, walking, riding the eliptical, and riding the lifecycle (bike). I have to be willing to improvise...I have several injuries I am working around.

In 2000, a tree fell on my head..herniating 2 of my discs in my neck..and tearing my rotator cuff.. for a year I was told it was just limit physical activity...( up until then I was still exercising at least 2 hours a day including weight lifting).
At then end of that year, I had gained 25 lbs...and found out I needed cervical spine surgery...I had 2 level neck has cadaver bone, titanium plate and screws...the rotator cuff healed with scar tissue ..had to do steroid is good now. Neck is great.....but I have to be careful with the amount of weight I lift and the angles at which I lift it. I have bone spurs in both heels from all of the years of running. My Dr. said I will not "make them worse" by running...that when I can stand the pain no more,,we will do which I replied..."no more surgeries until I have lost the weight" My second bout of weight gain came after my hysterectomy...which was 7 days before my hubby suffered sudden cardiac death while playing raquetball...HE WAS REVIVED..he is in the 4 percent that survive sudden cardiac death.... and though he lost his job ( he was a UNITED pilot)...he is well and we are blessed...but the moment I got the call I hit the ground running..holding my stitches with my hands...and never went back to "recovery mode" for then it was all about him. (rightfully so) So...I did not heal as well as I could have and now deal with some scar tissue inside which can pull and sting with certain types of exercise.
I gained another 25 lbs during that super stressful year. That was 4 years which time I began working 40 plus hours a week...which quickly turned to much, much more...and most of it sitting at a desk.

Last year it was plantar fasciitis and steroid injections for that..

My point is...I know I have this body with issues and must be willing to improvise when things flare up. The last thing I want is to be a cripple by the time I reach my goal, and NOT be able to exercise enough to maintain it... you know where I came I got here...and what I plan to do about it...or at least where I plan to start from:)Hoping I did not completely bore you...but many have asked me the questions I have just answered:)

Someone asked " if you know so much about fitness, how did you gain so much weight, and why haven't you taken it off before now?" to which I can only reply....sometimes LIFE JUST TAKES OVER..AND YOU COME LAST!!!!!

For dinner I had salmon, salad and celery...I need to drink 2 more bottles of water before bed.

I will be gone all day tomorrow for a show..but will post the day's success tomorrow night:)

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