My Secret Identity-The TRUTH is Out!!!!

Yep I have multiple personalities!!!

Most of you already know….I am a wife of 29 years, a mother to four wonderful grown sons , and an artist. I operate Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery in the Capitol Hill district of downtown Denver in the Boarding House Studio Galleries building.

Many of you know.... I owned and operated Conrad School of Art for seventeen years,introducing hundreds of children to the beauty of art.

Some of you know.... I am a musician and writer of short stories, children's books, and music.

What very few of you I am the co-founder, owner and CEO of Where ART Lives Online Gallery and Magazine ( formerly Contemporary Fine Art International/

Oh....and one more thing....YIKES....I am also a ghost blogger.

I have been the Fairy Blogmother to many successful artists over the years-allowing them to spend their time doing what they love most, painting in the studio, traveling the world, visiting exotic places - and all the while their artwork "magically"appears all over the internet!!

As the Fairy Blogmother….I have been teaching beginning blogging workshops for those just starting out and power blogging workshops for those who are ready to go to the next level for several years, in addition to lecturing throughout Colorado on the nuts and bolts of internet art marketing. favorite job has been that of an art coach- working one on one with artists in person and by phone to help them identify their goals and formulate a plan of action that fits their individual life and style.

Whew....... That was not as scary as I thought it would be....but my heart IS racing just a little.

I am not exactly sure why I have pretty much kept these identities separate, maybe a fear of my critics, and we all have them, we always will, but the biggest critic I have found is the one that lives inside each and every one of us. And.....this critic is the hardest one to silence.

There are those-....especially in the business world who will tell you that you must hone in on one very specific thing and give it all you have. For some individuals, this advice is spot on...for others, it conflicts with how they are made, and for them, that path would strip away their joy.
I am one such person!

That said, I certainly believe in giving it all you have, which is why I am not a great sleeper (that is a work in progress) but I could not possibly eliminate one of these things from my life at this point in time.

I am deeply passionate about ALL of them, and I honestly believe they all boil down to two things LOVE and PASSION.

I LOVE people, I truly do! I am PASSIONATE about art, and I am PASSIONATE about inspiring people to pursue their dreams- to reach-stretch and take chances-but I also find great joy in teaching and equipping them with the tools to facilitate those dreams.

Like you- I am setting goals and planning out the next year- and I just have too many separate sites to maintain. Now I can condense, and talk about all of these things on one or two sites!!
YAY!! that "The Cat's Out of the Bag" so to speak, I would like to invite you to stop by my blog each day, or anytime you feel you need a shot of inspiration.

Along with my paintings, I will be joyfully sharing with you the things that inspire, motivate and resonate with me-in all things Life , Art and Business!!

Again....pop into my LAB anytime, and if you're ever in Denver-please stop by my gallery, I would LOVE to meet YOU!!


Joan Fullerton said...

You are amazing Kimberly Conrad! Inspiring, wise and so savvy. I am grateful for all that you have taught me about the business of art and am proud to say that YOU are MY Fairy Blog Mother. The results of having you blog for me 6 days a week are tremendous. Sales, gallery representation and workshop teaching jobs, have resulted from your know-how and hard work. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to make their art career successful.

Carol Nelson said...

Ditto what Joan said. Since Kimberly became my Fairy Blog Mother, I've had galleries contact me, art consultants contact me, the AARP contact me, even the State Department contact me about representation and projects.
I thought I was "out there" on the Internet before, but Kimberly vastly increased my web presence. Traffic to my blog and website has never been higher. Kimberly can take your art career to new heights too.

Annie OBrien Gonzales said...

I have to jump in and share my experience with Kimberly--my Fairy Blogmother! It has been so rewarding to work with Kimberly. She is so knowledgable about social media, marketing art and gives so much energy to those she works with. Having her take over my social media has really allowed me much more time in the studio and has relieved me of that nagging voice in my head that I really should be doing more promotion. Kimberly is also there for me when I need a few encouraging words or have some weird question. I'm not sure how she does all that she does but I know she has been a blessing for me!

Sharon Sieben said...

You have been one of my heroes for some time and I look forward to this opportunity to enjoy and learn. A visit to your gallery is definitely on my list of "things to do".

Happy New year to you and your family.

Mary Arneson said...

I am so excited to finally be at the top of Kimberly's Fairy Blog Mother waiting list!!! What a wonderful way to begin a new year! Just thinking about all the things I'll be learning and experiencing with this most wonderful and talented artist, woman, friend makes my heart pound with great joy. Happy New Year to Me!!!

Sandra Duran Wilson said...

Kimberly you rock my world and make it a much finer place for all of us. We are jugglers and we love it. I wish for you peace in the new year and maybe a trip to SF.

Dee Sanchez said...

You go girl - I don't do even half of the things you do and I constantly feel overwhelmed and overworked.
Love your drive and enthusiasm and sweetness.

Candace French said...

Kimberly, you are an amazing artist and business person! I am so grateful that I connected with you through Carol Nelson. The results I have experienced from you being my Fairy Blog Mother have been phenomenal! The biggest surprise was being sought out for a teaching venue through FB. I recommend you to any artist wanting to create a solid social media presence for their art business.

Debra Hurd Fine Art said...

That's an amazing cat and amazing bag. Thank you for your contribution to the art and business world. Thank you for helping and inspiring me!! You rock!!!!!

Theresa Paden said...

I think it's great that you are doing all of these things! Keep being you!! :)

Kimberly Conrad Colorado Contemporary Artist-Modern Abstract Landscape Artist said...

Thank you Ladies, for your sweet comments- I love working with every one of you and here's to making 2016 our BEST ART YEAR EVER!!!!!!

Gerri Calpin said...

I know of you through Joan Fullerton and Carol Nelson and have followed your postings on FB. Love your business program for artists and those in the program have attested what social media has done for their work. Gerri Calpin

Cagley Art said...

KImberly - you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your knowledge.