Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 1, My recent trip to Italy with Kimberly Conrad

Day 3 in Cortona.......Part 1

Day 3 was just as marvelous. We had a demo on the terrace of the hotel by Joan Fullerton, then split up to "paint the town".

Judith Babcock and I headed out together just as it started to rain.

We didn't mind it a bit, as it gave us a different experience then the two days before.

The lovely Judith Babcock...just walkin' in the rain!

The rain even SMELLS lovlier in Cortona!!

We ducked into a little cafe for a bowl of bean was amazing....but of course:)

We visited the only book store in town, which is also home to the only art supplies in town....

Books and Art Supplies

Directly across the little street from the bookstore is that little  real estate listing place in the movie.....where Frances sees the listing for Bramasole.

I watched the movie again the other night, and when she's standing there looking at see the bookstore behind her....and my heart leapt and shouted  "I was there just a few weeks for art supplies"...I know, I know, I have the worst case ever of "I LOVE Italy"!!!!

Judy and I headed back to our rooms for a bit as the rain continued...she painted from
her balcony, and I watched the sky from my balcony and took pictures.

My oh My those Clouds!!

We headed back out ( raining again) but it was our last day in Cortona and could not be wasted...

More photos of the rainy streets and lovely shops


The Bank.....

I love how the flags line the streets
Blogger will not allow me to upload any more images for this I will call this Day 3 in Cortona Part 1 and share part 2 next time!!

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