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Abstract Seascape,Coastal Living Decor,Beach Art "The Sea Cried Out IV" by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad...and ITALY

 Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life"


 Seascape Painting

 30"x30"x1.5" Acrylic on Canvas

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DAY 4 in ITALY.....DAY 2 IN CORTONA -Part 2 The second half of Day 2 in Cortona, we took a guided tour of the town. It was market day in the main Piazza....

 The one purchase I regret not making while in Italy was a HAT!! I am a big hat girl, and there were so many beautiful hat shops. I could have just had one shipped home....hmmmmm
I had artwork, pottery and wine shipped home...why not a hat?

We were introduced to a couple of the churches. I was not taking notes, so unfortunately do not remember the names of the churches.

Church 1:

The churches were very dark inside.
A famous dead monk preserved in this glass case at the alter....don't really understand  putting a dead body in a glass case for the world to look at forever, but it was a common theme in the churches. Very eerie.

Church 2:

Many frescos and partial frescos in these churches dating back to the 1200's.

The architecture in all of the churches was magnificent.
This church had the robe of a famous monk preserved ( I think maybe he was sainted-can't remember)
I should have listened more to the stories but I was enthralled with the architecture.

The side courtyard of the church, and above you can see the tiny windows of the tiny rooms where the monks had lived.

We then toured the oldest part of the town. Some of these buildings look unstable from the outside,but supposedly they are very stable and have been renovated beautifully on the inside.
I am CERTAIN that the balconies of some are NOT stable.

 (You can't judge a book by it's cover).....

Again, everywhere you look, the architecture is breathtaking. 
This is Jennifer, one of our artists....doesn't she look like she belongs there?
Actually, Jennifer is an interior designer, and said at the beginning of the trip that she is not an artist, but her paintings during the trip proved otherwise!!
Each night at dinner in Cortona, the artists shared what they had painted that day.

And Finally...Dinner. My FAVORITE dinner of the trip , as we were on the terrace of a restaurant that over looked the main Piazza....where we painted from the day before.

This night Cortona said Goodnight with a Beautiful full moon!!

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