Monday, June 6, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism Painting, Green Art, "Organic Abstracts-Green IV" by International Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life"

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A promised, this week I will share in detail my recent trip to Italy.

I purchased that beautiful little travel sized computer ( fits in my purse, weighs less than 2 lbs) so that I could share the trip in real time, but the internet never cooperated. It seemed that if I could log on at all, it was very slow and intermittent.

Maybe that was how it was supposed to be......more time to soak it all in.

Italy was wonderful, marvelous, magical there really aren't sufficient words to describe the experience. I fear I will be using the same descriptive words over and over again.

 If you have been there, then you know. If you have not, then you must go:)

So....the beginning... The predicted three hour wait in the security line ended up being 20 minutes so we were quickly through with much time to kill, and started with a fabulous lunch at the Chop House in the airport. This was Joan's birthday...what  beautiful way to spend a birthday right?? Flying to Italy!!

With Joan Fullerton and Judith Babcock

The ten-hour flight went much more quickly than I anticipated ( even though I only slept an hour) and before I knew it we were landing in Florence.

I had this teeny tiny little room at Hotel Boccaccio.

My Little Room!

My travelmates thought it was  quite comical , as their rooms were larger with REAL beds, but I thought it was sweet and intimate. It seemed to wrap it's arms around me in a welcoming embrace.

As I'm writing this I'm scrolling through my images on my computer and find myself literally weeping.

I've been running at mach speed this first week home, so today, Saturday, is the first chance I've had to sit with my memories, thumb through my journal pages, scroll through my images.

I'm hit with the overwhelming beauty of the trip and what a profound experience it was for me.

I traveled some in Asia in my 20's but this was my first trip to Europe and it was long overdue!
I have been working extremely hard for a very long time with little time or thought of much else, outside of course for family.

This trip was life giving to me. I rediscovered parts of me I thought had long died, and was reunited with pieces of myself that had been lost for many years, and though I have wanted to make this trip for a very long time, it may not have meant to me then what it meant to me at this time in my life. I cannot stop weeping this morning.


We checked in and hit the streets heading straight for the Duomo!!

Just look at the detail on this building....

What is there to say.... a picture speaks 1000 words!!
It began to rain so we ducked into this little place on the street there in the Square-for what was my first Italian cappuccino... ...

Maybe it was the surroundings speaking to my taste buds but it did not taste anything like a cappuccino at Starbucks!!

The ceiling of our coffee shop.

The carousel in the Piazza was beautiful and though the child in me was stirred, shockingly I did not ride it ...we were just so excited to move on. I think I thought I would return for a ride at some point but regret that I did not.

With Judith Babcock and Joan Fullerton

We were perusing the shop windows and taking pictures when Joan discovered we could see our reflections, so we took images like this all over the city and I'm sure they are going to pop up in mixed media paintings by some of us over the next few months!!

Isn't the refection COOL?

 Dinner at LA SOSTA DE' GOLOS, a delightful place on the street, of course al  fresco...with
 pasta, red wine,  gelato and people watching!!

That my friends concludes day one.... what I can remember of it, it was quite a whirlwind and very overwhelming in a MARVELOUS sort of way!!

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