Monday, January 18, 2016

Contemporary Seascape,Coastal Abstract Art "Dreaming in Green-Study #6" by International Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

This is painting #18 of the 30/30 painting challenge with Leslie Saeta

These small original paintings on paper are color studies for my large paintings on canvas- and frame beautifully.

 8"x10"Acrylic on  140 lb Archival Paper

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 I hope you had a fabulous weekend and got in some playtime!!

 Last Friday I talked about how important it is to have a solid network of "creatives"  in your life.

 Fellow professionals that are also on an entrepreneurial journey.

 People who support your vision and with whom there can be an exchange of ideas, encouragement-  and knowledge.

 These people do not have to be in your exact field, though I think at least a few should be.

 Today I was able to spend a few hours with one my my "creatives".

 She has been a medical professional for almost 50 years, and has recently written a wonderful book  and documentary, about life in this field. I will share more as the book is published,  I am so honored  that she chose one of my paintings as the cover art.

 I helped her with a bit of editing- and left so happy and inspired.
 I love to see people, going for and realizing their dreams...I love to cheer them on through the hard  stuff...and celebrate their milestones and successes.

I have never understood those who hoard and hide valuable information, as if we are all in competition with each other. Of all of the things that bring me joy, the sweetest is knowing I have encouraged someone uncertain, given hope to someone that wanted to give up, passed on knowledge that aided someone in going to the next level in life,personal growth, spiritual growth or never who around you is ready to quit behind that brave face.

Be generous with your words,and smiles, write notes of encouragement and send them snail mail-pass on the knowledge that someone was generous enough too pass on to you....BETTER YET..pass on the knowledge that was so long and painful for you to learn....if you can save the next guy a little bit of that agony- why wouldn't you?????

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