Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunflower Whimsy,8"x10" Original Contemporary Palette Knife Sunflower Painting by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad, A CLUB 47 Challenge Painting, $47.00

Original 8"x10"contemporary palette knife sunflower painting on 246 lb acrylic paper.

 Will fit a standard 8"x10" frame, needs NO glass.
 This is a repost of a CLUB 47 Challenge painting, specially priced at $47.00. $4.70 will be donated to the Breast Cancer community.

Happy Easter!!!!! My Men are all in town....but on the golf course....the puppies and I are here alone, blasting the worship music and painting back and forth between the studio and the back patio....which feels like a bit of heaven when you share your life with FIVE MEN!!!!
Family Dinner Tonight!!:)

 $47.00/ Free Shipping

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