Monday, August 1, 2011

Life In Circles #10, 12x12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Original Palette Knife Expressionism Painting by Colorado Abstract Artist Kimberly Conrad

This is a new painting for my show on August 5th.. I wanted to share it....I really like it....My Club 47 Painting is posted is NOT new...did not get to do a club 47 piece today..still working on paintings for Friday's show!!!!
I titled yesterday's painting in is Life in Circles 13 ..not's is Life In Circles #10.

Aspen Whimsy, 8x10 $47.00 , Painting #39 of the Club 47 Challenge
This painting is NOT new..I was painting for my upcoming show and did not get a new one done today for CLUB 47.It is a fun little whimsical piece, 8x10 on 140 lb watercolor paper....


Club 47 Friends....
8:47 p.m. Well..I did have a bit of balance today...I spent some time this morning with friend and fellow Colorado artist Carol this morning in her GORGEOUS back yard/patio, then a sampling of a fresh GAZPACHO she had made...oh my...yummy and almost NO calories..she gave me the recipe and I will make it this weekend!!!Thank you Carol!!!
Then of course,,,work, work, work, teach...then I took an hour break to go to hubby's softball game...

Not enough food or drink today...I have NO appetite,,what is wrong with me I don't know..I think the heat!!!!

9:30a.m. Coffee

10:30a.m. a cup of Gazpacho

12:00p.m venti iced coffee ( from to the store to get half & NO Starbucks today)

2:00 p.m. 5oz. of Greek plain nonfat yogurt

7:30 p.m. 2 eggs & water

8:50 p.m. ...NOW..drinking more water....getting ready to go work out...GOTTA eat when I get back....but nothing sounds at all appealing...I truly am NOT trying NOT to eat.....just no time today and no appetite..... more later...


Art Epicurean said...

Love these abstracts! And hope you ate a great dinner!

Kimberly Conrad Colorado Contemporary Artist-Modern Abstract Landscape Artist said...

Thank will laugh...but I did not eat or walk..I felt sick so I went to bed!!!