Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life In Circles 13, 11x14, $47.00, Painting #38 of the Club 47 Challenge, Original Contemporary Abstract Expressionism Painting by Colorado Artist Kimberly Conrad-SOLD

Original palette knife abstract painting on 185 lb acrylic paper. This painting will fit a standard 11x14 frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger is not needed....I said I would post a large piece periodically in the Club 47 Challenge....then actually began posting many 8x10's, but this is an 11x14...the deal of the week!!!!It is Painting #38, $4.70 will be donated.

Club 47 Friends

Okay....semi back on track today,drank plenty and got in a 60 minute power walk....did NOT eat enough though...was really busy, and it's sooo hard to eat when it is this hot. My car said 103 today when I was driving home from the city.

Bad start...nothing until 1:00 p.m when I had a venti iced coffee between stops...

Also a 20 oz bottle of water..on the road

4:30 p.m. a pepperoni my desk...more water

5:30 p.m. 5 oz Greek nonfat plain yogurt at my desk......16 oz water

8:30 p.m. Big piece of baked tilapia...16 oz water

10:00 p.m. 60 min power walk

11:11 p.m. ...Which is NOW....i am on my second 20 oz glass of water in 10 minutes

Did NOT sleep again last night...less than 3 hours....son # 2 was working out of town..a night painting job and he didn't finish until 4:30 a.m. so I was worried about him making that 45 min drive home ...he arrived about 5:20 this morning...he is on the same site tonight.. it is a job that I have been doing periodically over the past year..painting overnight for a contractor friend who renovates retail spaces,we have to paint beginning at 10:00 p.m. when the store closes and we usually paint until 5:30. a.m. The murals are usually high so we paint on lifts. I have done several stores..some 5 nights in a row..arriving home at 6:30 a.m. sleeping for a few hours then starting my day job...(the last one about killed me...I am too old for that kind of work)..I was actually called for the job yesterday and did not feel up to it..this one especially is a 15 foot mountain scene...and I as you know, just finished steroids and treatment for my shoulder Son # 2 took the job. He is almost 20 young and much better shape than me...but as a Mommy I feel I should be the one working all night ..not him......he has a daytime painting job as well....but our friend was in a bind, behind ...well...anyhow...I doubt I will sleep soundly tonight...until he is home....It is funny, because of course they stay out all night when they are away at college doing gosh knows what...and I pray for them and go to sleep..but when they are back at home..and we KNOW they are out....and that they are coming back,,we stay awake.....why do we do that????? Summer is a killer because they are all home.,and out so late. They all
( the three younger ones) paint houses full time..they have to be on the job site by 7:00 a.m....sometimes close by, sometimes an hour they get up really early...yet are up late.....oh my.......who do they sound like?????? No...I think they are typical teenagers!!! And..they make up for it sleeping half the day on the weekends....

I had an appointment to hang art in a new gallery in Denver today at 11:00.a.m So I did not get to go to church....I have not been for 2 months..since Mom left...I hate going alone...but am missing it so week I will go....I was so happy when Mom moved in and I didn't have to go alone.

This week I will really work on the "BALANCE" thing....

Many of you have emailed that you are worried about my schedule...I know I am out of balance...I confessed that to all of you at the beginning of the CLUB 47 Challenge...and promised to be honest.....even when I'm failing...but I will try harder this week...I will try to have down time ( besides my prayer time)which is also draining sometimes. Some days I am "filled up" after my time with the Lord, but other times I confess I feel more drained... there are so many people in my life right now that are very sick and hurting, and though I consider it a priveledge to go before the Lord and pray for heart is so grieved for them..often my prayer time is filled with weeping....I am rambling....Yes I am exhausted tonight...maybe I will curl up in my chair and NOT talk to God, but just try to still my mind and listen. Hugs to you my friends....and thank you for your precious
words of love and support.

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