Friday, July 1, 2011

Cool Blue, $47.00 , Painting # 10 of the CLUB 47 CHALLENGE,Original Contemporary Abstract Seascape Landscape Paintings by Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original painting on 5x7 heavy watercolor paper, shipped with a mat...$4.70 will be donated to breast cancer research.This painting I did awhile back, but misplaced it, and had to pull it down from sale. I found it today while cleaning the is one of my ALL TIME Favorite small seascapes, so I wanted to offer it in the Club 47 Challenge.I only wish it were a four foot piece...!!!!This painting is shipped with a mat to be used with an 8x1o frame, or mat may be discarded and painting will fit a standard 5x7 frame.
Visit my website to see large


8:16.a.m.- Had a great night's sleep gonna have coffee...and WALK first this morning....

11:25 Had a piece of swiss get protein in my tummy...not really hungry yet!! Mikey is gone..he left around 11:00. I balled my eyes out saying goodbye... then we realized he needed to pick up his suits from the cleaners and buy a lock for the I took him to do that and only cried a little on the second goodbye!!

12:16.p.m. Just finished a 35 minute power was way too hot, I am drenched, have to go earlier tomorrow. I have had a large cup of coffee and one 16 oz bottle of water so far today...gotta get back to work now!!

6:45 p.m ..Where has the day gone??? I have been at my desk since 12:30 with a 30 minute break to run to the car wash...and to McDonalds for a small vanilla cone...and bottle of water...(my lunch)
then had a "Chick Filet" chicken tender (they are small)and 5 waffle fries at my desk at 4:00, compliments of son Mason.....I don't know how many states have Chick Filet..but if you're gonna do fast food.( not that you or I should...)'s in my opinion..the best for you...they use no trans fats...and the chicken is high quality breast meat.

Having another chicken tender now with a giant glass of weak iced tea
( plain...unsweet of course)...will have a big salad I am way behind on to do some power cleaning...then paint, then more exercise...more later....

11:01 p.m.- Did 2 hours of power cleaning, then another 35 minutes of little jog-walk-jog...jogged 30 of the 35....had to walk a few minutes of the big hill tonight...feet were feeling it from this mornings walk.Also did 50 situps with a 25 second isolation hold at the end...and watched some of my Mitch Gaylord I am familiar with the exercises...will try to do that is a core strength training session...not hungry at all but will try to eat a small salad and a bit of I am behind on calories today.

I did eat 4 times today...just not enough...but eating 4 times is progress....and I have had 4 giant glasses of my weak tea and a bottle of water..AND...only ONE coffee
..yeah for me!!!!:)
70 minutes total of Cardio....(beats yesterday!!:)

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