Friday, July 31, 2009

Contemporary Abstract Seascape Painting by Kimberly Conrad 36x36x2

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SPRAY. This is the fourth beach scene in Moving Metals-A New Story. I changed the brown, and it is a large piece, 36x36x2. This piece is again poured, and was very hard to work with, as it is so large...when turning the canvas, I lost a lot of the gold at the top, and there was no retrieving it, without compromising the rest. I have done larger, but in rectangular shape,I found the square to be much more difficult. I have not been to the beach in years, but I was on the phone yesterday with my friend who lives near the beach in California. She said it looked just like a big wave hitting the rock and spraying, thus the name Spray. As I hate naming paintings, I had previously just called it, The Beach IV!!!!!!! If you're interested in this painting, contact Kimberly at
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Kimberly at Daily Painters of Colorado
Kimberly at Daily Painter's Abstract Gallery


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