Saturday, June 25, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Seascape, Beach Painting, Fine Art, Coastal "Beautiful Storm Speaks II" by International Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life"


 36"x24"x.75" Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Available

 This  lovely painting was a color study for a recent large commission, and is priced at a very  special rate.

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 Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery
 Boarding House Studio Galleries
 220 East 7th Ave (Capitol Hill)
 Denver, CO 80203

My Recent trip to Italy.... Goodbye to Cortona 

The morning we were to lave Cortona, I ran back up the street to get a photo of my favorite art gallery there.

La "Galleria Nazionale" 

I purchased two paintings from this gallery. One was a 5x7 impasto oil painting by 
Antonio Sbrana, a well know artist from Tuscany born in 1934. 
According to the gallery owner, Antonio is currently going blind, but refuses to give up his brushes.....

I saw this little landscape in the window our very first night in Cortona and knew I had to bring it home, so my first priority the next day was to buy it!!
It now hangs in my dining room.

So....while the gallery owner was wrapping up this beautiful little gem, I wandered into the second room of the gallery and stumbled onto the piece below by Albert Aprilia, an artist from Rome that is famous for his paintings of beautiful women in cafes and piazzas .
 This painting measure 30"x30" and now........also hangs in my dining room!!!:):):):)

The rest of my house is very old world tuscan, but last year we changed the dining room from an ornate room with heavy ornate furniture and dark red walls to a soft , clean French it holds my beautiful paintings from Cortona and my pottery from studio Rampini outside of Radda , so I guess now it's a French/Italian dining room!!

Our GROUP "Goodbye Cortona" photo!!

Check back later for Day 1 at San Fedele....

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