Friday, May 6, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Sunset,Wall Art Painting "Sky In Motion X" Winds Grow Strong Series by International Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

24"x36"x1.5" Acrylic on Canvas/Available
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Oh my Goodness.... I can Hardly Believe it's May!!!!

Another month and we will be halfway through 2016!! I was recently reviewing the goals I had set for this year. Some of them I have already achieved and others I have not given a moment's thought to since writing them in my journal last December.

Fortunately spring is yet again a time that we consider one of fresh starts. I used to think that was odd, it's like New Year's all over again with everyone talking new beginnings and goals. What I realize now is that about halfway through the year we all need a kick in the pants as the motivation and discipline has likely begun to wane.

For many, Spring also brings excitement about summer travels. A change of scenery is therapeutic for every soul, but I believe it is essential for artists and creatives. Often our work is solitary-and the walls can close in and our view of the world can shrink. Travel expands our hearts and minds and reignites every one of our senses.

Many of you have traveled to beautiful places in recent years and I have been so thrilled to follow your journey online, living vicariously through you!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

I'm getting ready to take a 12 day painting trip to Italy. This is a trip I have dreamed of for 20 years. I am so excited and will be blogging while I'm gone, sharing my trip with you.

I realize that not everybody can take a trip out of the country or even out of the state but an effective change of scenery can be as small as a different room in your home. Along with my hectic work schedule I am going to school right now and I recently spent about two weeks of 14 hour days at my desk. I literally thought I was going to go crazy and could not take another moment.

Knowing myself well, and how important atmosphere and surroundings are to me, about 10 days in I decided to work in my dining room instead of my home office. I turned my chandelier up as bright as it would go, placed myself in a chair facing my candlelit buffet with all of my beautiful trinkets and my beloved art collection. And of course, put on some Italian music!!

My entire frame of mind shifted-I kid you not!
Life does not have to be mundane even if it is basically the same.
Be cognizant of the tiny little changes that can cause a great mind shift.

What works for you?

 I would love for you to share in comments what helps you to have a positive mindshift.

 fino alla prossima volta! (until next time)

Thought for today....


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