Friday, March 18, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Aspen Tree Painting "Winter Aspens 12 1-A," by Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

                           Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life" 

Original acrylic holiday abstract aspen,birch tree painting on 246 lb acrylic paper. This painting will fit a standard 8x8 frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger size.

These little snow flurried Mini's are only painted during the holidays!!

$70.00/ Free Shipping

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Thought for today.....

"Snowflakes are winter's butterflies"

Denise Powers Fabian

What do you love MOST about winter? Leave a comment below.

It is snowing here in Denver today...after weeks of what felt like early summer.
Such a welcome change- and one of the things I love so about living in Denver- we seem to have multiple seasons within each season....therefore lots of surprises!!:)

 Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery
 Boarding House Studio Galleries
 220 East 7th Ave (Capitol Hill)
 Denver, CO 80203

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