Thursday, July 23, 2015

Organic Abstract,Contemporary Expressionism Painting "Reach For Me" by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad


 16"x20"x2" Acrylic on Cradled Panel

 Acrylic skin adhered to cradled panel... 

 This piece is part of a brand new series of Organic Abstracts.

 My paintings are poured - as you can see at the bottom of the home page of  my website HERE.

 The paint runs off of the canvas into big black bins.

 Sometimes I pour the paint from the bins through a strainer back into a container to reuse
 ( depending on the color it became)

 Other times, I leave it and continue to pour new paintings over the same bin.
 After several pours of different paintings-I set the bin aside.

This paint dries over the course of a couple of well and evenly it dries depends on many factors, including the thickness of the many paints used- the colors ( yes- some dry differently) and the temperature of the room- if the temperature varies greatly over the weeks it can alter how the skin dries.

Once it is dry ( and this is the very tricky part), I attempt to pull the entire skin in one whole piece from the bin.

 If I am successful- I then turn it over for the great "reveal" of the underside. 

 This in itself is an art, as they can tear very easily.

 Some of these skins are unimaginably beautiful- and others.....not so much.

 I have been collecting the skins for quite sometime, and decided the time was right to begin  presenting them.

 This skin was breathtaking-so very unique -in each line, I see the words and thoughts and emotions  that were a part of every painting that contributed to what you now see.

 This series is very close to my heart for just that reason.I am an expressionist- every painting I  pour  is packed full of emotions---these pieces are a combination of weeks of emotional ups and  downs-  highs and lows-sadness-joy-anger-peace.

 I love this presentation-because it means nothing in the process of the pouring gets wasted.

 Some of the cradled panels have painted sides. On this one, however, I have adhered strips of the  thinner pieces of the skin to the sides.

It gives it a very natural-oragnic feel., as seen in the image below.

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 Denver, CO 80203

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Anonymous said...

I know this is an older post but it deserves a comment. Kimberly, this gorgeous! Organic beauty at it's finest. Beautiful piece!