Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Moving Metals-Sap" Original 20"x16"x1.5" Abstract Expressionism Painting by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life" 

Abstract Expressionism Painting

 This is a painting from 2008, that has been in my private collection. I am ready to let it I am making room for new paintings hat I have recently acquired by fellow artists. This piece was part of the original Moving Metals series...and I have always seen two horse heads in it. I see a horse head and long neck on the left in black, then on the right, I see the other head tucked behind the one on the left. I considered many times actually outlining the make it obvious..but always decided to leave it as is....because the beauty of abstract is that everyone sees something different...what do you see??

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