Monday, September 19, 2011

Mosaic Reflections, 6x6x7/8 Canvas, $47.00, Painting #75 of the Club 47 Challenge, Original Abstract Landscape Paintings by Colorado Abstract Landscape artist Kimberly Conrad/ SOLD

Original abstract landscape painting, palette knife and brush, thick buttery paint in several layers. the pattern continues around the sides of this little 6x6x7/8 gallery wrapped canvas.
It is part of the Club 47 Challenge, $4.70 will be donated to the Carol and David Marine HERE to read more!!
Club 47 Friends.....
Obviously..did not post yesterday... I believe I will take Sunday's off now...the boy's are home many weekends and I like to focus on is good to not have the pressure of posting.

Still did not feel great yesterday...babying my stomach.....
I did great to go to the Frontrange Open studios in Colorado Springs yesterday and visit Colorado artist Carol McIntyre's studio...just LOVE it...and her. I will feature her studio on the Artists of Colorado website soon, and will announce it on my blog so that you can all visit..

Tomorrow I will feature a fellow CFAI and Club 47 artist on my sure to check in!!

1:48 p.m. Have only had coffee, almonds and water so far..out the door early for hair color and facial waxing ( the joy of being a woman this age!!)
Four hours later...YIKES..I am back at my desk...

It is less than 8 weeks until my 47th birthday..the end of the Club 47 Challenge...ans I am only down 16 lbs...I have got to amp it up big time...there is no way of course, to reach that 47 lb my new goal from this day is 16 more lbs..yes..I know it is hard to lose 2lbs a week EVERY week....but I am one of those girls who thinks he higher I set the bar..the better I we shall see!!

6:30 p.m. Salad, pizza and iced tea

11:06 p.m.12 oz water...just finished painting and walked dogs..going to do 30 min on the stationary bike before bed....

11:45 p.m. I did 24 minutes of the's a start!!

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