Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Abstracted Reflections III, Art for the Cure- 5"x7" , $47.00 Painting #21 ofthe CLUB 47 Challenge, Original Abstract Landscape Paintings by Colorado Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original 5x7 painting on 140 lb watercolor paper. This little painting is shipped with a mat to fit an 8x10 frame, or mat may be discarded and painting will fit a standard 5x7 frame. It is painting #21 of the Club 47 Challenge...$4.70 will be donated to Breast Cancer research. Visit my Pink Art for the Cure site
Visit my website to see larger paintings


It is 1:37 a.m.... I am getting ready to call it a night....looooong work day and big power cleaning night....I teach clinics here today from 10:00-1:00 then 3:30-5:00..will need a Giant coffee in a few hours...need tylenol and ice pack now!!!! Shoulder is better......but used it a lot tonight.....we shall see!!! I am tired but it was a very good, productive day!!!:)

6:31 p.m. well...BIG surprise...did NOT walk before teaching this morning....we were out of I had to use that 20 min to run to Starbucks!!!:):)
Long day of teaching...then a bit of painting....just finished dinner..

Food Today....Granola Bar from Starbucks with coffee...10:30 a.m.

Smart Ones 200 Cal meal at 11:30 lunch break

2:30.p.m. McDonalds Cheeseburger and Wild Berry Smoothie...the drive through when I ran out to ship a painting between classes..Bad, Bad,Bad...but that smoothie was so yummy and cold and refreshing...have been teaching outside all day....

6:00 p.m. 2 small roasted chicken boneless thighs...1/2 cup mashed potatoes....

I think I have had enough calories today!!!!!! but ...not the healthiest ones!!!!

Still have to do desk work..cardio and more painting..shoulder is doing well..only a slight ache.....more later.....

8:33-Confession time...I didn't tell I could not imagine writing MORE DISCOURAGING STUFF!!!!! But...Monday..the first day my shoulder was better...hubby and I walked the dogs...and I stepped off the sidewalk and twisted my ankle...I thought it was okay.( it hurt a little)..but I rode the bike that night instead of walking to be safe...
well after my night of power cleaning and standing all day teaching it hurts and is now is actually the inside of my foot that is the most swollen..not the pulled that part of my foot when it twisted...I am NOT going to get you guys had better not either!!!!!It is really quite laughable....and par for the course right??? Everyone has set big goals and been very determined only to have one thing after another go wrong...we will press on my friends....right now I am pressing to my bed with an ice pack for my foot..but I am going to smile all the way up the stairs....and tomorrow is a NEW DAY!!!!!:):):)

Hugs to you all...and thank you for the wonderful emails as well as the sweet notes
via U S mail!!!!!

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