Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SOLD ALREADY...Thank You DREAMA!!!!!! A Colorado Spring III, 5"x7"Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Sunset Skyscape Paintings, Colorado Contemporary Landscape Artist Kimberly Conrad

You have all sooo inspired me...I will begin today... a day's painting is not new...but will be $47.00 as well.This little series of pink paintings was a very popular one!!! It is a 5x7 on watercolor paper.
It will fit a standard 5x7 frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger size!!!

Last night I sent out my OPERATION 47 Challenge email. Thank you to ALL of you who responded so quickly and kindly!!!! I must say I was overwhelmed by the amount of emails...and the content of them as well.It seems we all need a little something to light the fire under us once in awhile.One said she would begin walking a minimum of 47 minutes 6 days a week...another will also paint and sell for $47.00, giving $4.70 to Hospice!!! For those who approve...I will add your name to the column on the right
that says "Look who joined CLUB 47!!!!"

I have promised to give an honest account of this journey...and though it doesn't officially begin until tomorrow... I will confess now,,that in preparation for my new program..I ate HORRIBLY last night!!! Mac& Cheese, (and I NEVER eat pasta),2 popsicles, and even a bit of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!!!!! What is it about knowing things will soon be forbidden?????? It was crazy..and I wasn't even hungry...I was reading your emails of encouragement while Ben and Jerry laughed!!!!
The emails continue to pour n as I am sitting here posting...I have been at my desk since this morning without even a cup of coffee...gonna make a Starbucks run...then take a walk..then back to paint..I officially begin can join in anytime!!!!

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