Sunday, June 28, 2009

Contemporary Expressionist Painting by Kimberly Conrad

"Churning" Poured abstract painting on 3ftx3ft x2" gallery wrapped canvas. (large painting) I have named this piece Churning. I love the movement in this piece. I may have named it differently on a different day, but today when I look at it, I see all a churning movement, and all of the colors moving towards the black hole, like everything will be sucked down in there. I have churning in my emotions right now....on another day, I may see something completely different. That's what's so wonderful about abstract work, it's always relative to the individual viewer, and their life at the time!! The colors are actually a little deeper, as always, I will mention that metallic paints are hard to photograph, as they wash out a little in the picture. To purchase this painting, contact Kimberly at To view more paintings of this kind, visit If you like this piece, but it is too large, you may like "Raging" and "Brewing" which may also be seen on my website in the Poured Abstract Gallery.

Kimberly at Daily Painters of Colorado
Kimberly at Daily Painters Abstract Gallery
Kimberly's Website


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