Heal Your Life Workshops- for Women and Girls

The Magic of Believing in Yourself
for Teen Girls 13-16

Life Coach and Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher

Kimberly Conrad

When? Saturday, February 4th, 2017
Where? Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery
220 East 7th Ave, Denver Co 80203

In this wonderful 5 hour workshop, your teen will:

Learn how to identify negative beliefs that are affecting her self esteem.

* Be introduced to a toolbox full of tools to strengthen her self esteem.

*Discover how to use positive affirmations and visualization to create a path for the future she wants.

*Develop a strong connection with her inner guidance system.

*Understand how she can be the star of her own life, direction and write her own script.

* Create a vision Board to help keep her inspired.

Investment: $75.00
Limited to 8 attendees.

Girls' bring  pen, journal, and a sack lunch. Microwave and fridge provided.

Supplies for Vision Board provided.


Kimberly owned and operated Conrad School of Art for seventeen years, introducing hundreds of children to the wonder of music and the beauty of art.

She is an Artist, the owner of Where ART Lives online Gallery and Magazine, an Art Business Coach, Life Coach and Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader.

Her mission is to INSPIRE women and equip them with the tools to live their best lives spiritually, emotionally, creatively
 and professionally.

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